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Flour type "2" Primitiva® "400"



Excellent results in baking: particularly indicated for all processes and leavening of flour with an indicative W 380/420.


Ideal for long rising, good for Italian ciabatta and rosetta.


Ideal for croissants, frozen croissants, Baba, leavened by recurrence (doves, panettone). well balanced meal suitable for all leavened products. Thanks to the particular protein structure bears in a good way the addition of fat. The final product has a good color with a remarkable development, while maintaining the right softness. Even in freezing it preserves intact the organoleptic characteristics.


In the field of the pizzeria to use for the long, long leavening. The finished product thanks to this flour will enjoy a fragrance and a distinctive flavor, which manages to (re) discover the different facets of the taste of one of the best selections of fine grains on the market today.


The Plus: Even more taste and flavor, more fiber and minerals for taste and a unique aroma and unmistakable.

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