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00 Frozen


FROZEN: the newborn flour of Molino Pasini pastry line.

‘Frozen’ is a ‘00’ type flour very rich in proteins, specifically crafted for everyone who makes use of the freezing technique system in the production of pastries and bakeries. With this method the fermentation is slowed down or even stopped, allowing a measured and progressive rising in a climate controlled space.

The ‘Frozen’ flour of Molino Pasini has been created in order to guarantee the fermentation (in cell, at different temperatures: from 0/-1°C to -8/-10°C) avoiding the break of glutinic mesh. This can be very useful for professionals in the planning of their production cycle and have therefore better results.



croissant, brioches, every kind of leavened pastries.



W   360/390 

P/L   0,60/0,65  


Bags: 25 kg. 

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