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1 – Our past is always with us
Four generations, 100 years of history, the art of flour ingrained in our DNA.  We are committed to offering you the largest possible range of top-quality flours currently available on the market to make breads, patisserie, pizzas and fresh pastas.

2 – The advantages of slowness
To turn wheat kernels into flour we go the long way because it is kind on the product and produces the best quality possible. Expert mixing and accurate, 'slow' and 'gentle' milling of wheat kernels is guaranteed by our latest generation of rolling mills.

3 – Smart industrialisation
Creativity and science, imagination and statistics, technology and efficiency: our dreams are upheld by people whose feet stand firmly on the ground and who run our fully-automatic production.

4 – Certified safety
Food safety is always of prime importance and ours has been guaranteed for years by international certificates such as BRC and IFS awarded with the highest marks possible.

5 – The quality of tradition
We never forget tradition:  Our giant Plansichter equipment by Bühler reproduces our grandmas' work whose job it was to perform the most delicate phase of the transformation process using hand-held sieves. We come from there, and we don't want to forget it.

6 – Customised deliveries
One of our strengths consists in reaching you in the best possible way, which is why we offer you all-round service. We own our own fleet of vehicles, driven by extremely qualified drivers, which we use to deliver all our products.

7 – Good things made beautiful
We make good things beautiful: even a flour mill feels the need for beauty, design and art because it's where we work. Perfection is the sum of lots of small details and we have chosen these and applied them all over our premises. A functional, efficient and well-organised company is the first step to making excellent products.

8 – Winning together
The best way you can get to know us is by trying out our products, which is why we set up our functional yet pleasant Workshop. We continue to train and assist you, our customers, from a distance even after you have left by offering you dedicated coaching, technicians and emails as well as sales technique courses to improve your businesses and make them grow.

9 – An ethical and green soul
We have chosen to be surrounded by open spaces because staying in close contact with nature is one of our constant concerns.

10 – Looking to the future
Putting ourselves to the test fires our inspiration: in our laboratory it is always the right time for a new project.

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