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#Sempreunpassoavanti (AlwaysOneStepAhead)

And if there is no cutting corners when it comes to quality, art and the quest for a different, unusual path venture into the company communication sector: the radical change of brand language, with a graphic and conceptual restyle which is certainly one of a kind among flour milling companies today, and the family claim, 'The art of making flour', build a new contemporary identity.
From the choice of a new colour palette, to the simplified, more iconic logo, from emotional video content where the flour is a model and becomes a true artistic subject, to the choice of an internal workshop furnished with pieces of design furniture, the signature style has a strong identity: this flour is unique, both inside and out.
For even stronger, more unique representation, we decided to upgrade our website making it more functional and useful for all customers, with a more contemporary edge in line with the latest digital industry trends. This is where the idea of Il Mugnaio was hatched, straight from the heart of the company, narrated by Managing Director Gianluca Pasini, describing the weekly news, events and decisions that build our corporate identity. Again in this case, drawing on international experience, we have opted for ultra-modern communication that aims to highlight our different approach to caring for and respecting our end customer.

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