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A new pizza flour type “0” is born in the R&D Laboratory of Molino Pasini, and it is called Soffio – which means a puff or whiff – because it makes pizza dough as light as a puff of air. This name wants to evoke airiness and large presence of “air cells”, two of the most important and distinctive features of this flour that stands out for its performances. And just like a gentle blow, so light to appear almost weightless, this flour allows to make products that combine the 4 elements – water, air, earth and fire – in a perfect harmony of flavour and texture.

The dough, highly extensible, has a level of absorption that allows until 70% hydration, and develops the max aromas and fragrances with same-day preparation. 

We’ve chosen an exceptional testimonial for this newborn special flour. He’s Ian Spampatti, a young chef from Bergamo, the Best Emergent Pizza Maker according to Gambero Rosso 2020 Guide.

Pizzas made with Soffio flour are going to be crunchy – due to the high level of proteins -, the edge thick, full of air bubbles and thus very light, and turning to gold during the cooking time, thanks to a high level of maltose developing during fermentation.


W  265 / 285

P/L  0,45 / 0,50

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